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Dave Bautista And The Rest Of WWE

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Editor: What is you relationship with Afa ?

Billy: Afa is my trainer and like a father to me

Editor: How long have you know Afa the Wild Samoan ?

Billy: I have know Afa for 7 years

Editor: How long did it take you to become a pro wrestler ?

Billy: I trained for 3 months

Editor: How did it feel to beat an international star like Psychosis on WCW Worldwide ?

Billy: It was an overwhelming feeling. It was my first win in WCW.

Editor: Can you describe the WCW cruiserweights ? What makes them different from other wrestlers ?

Billy: Cruiserweights can do what nobody else can. Their athletic ability is equal to none.

Editor: Who are some of your friends in WCW ?

Billy: I am friends with Diamond Dallas Page, Disco Inferno, Glacier, Mortis, and Prince Iaukea.

Editor: Besides yourself, who is the best cruiserweight all around ?

Billy: Without a doubt, Rey Mysterio Jr.

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